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Gate B5

Christmas At Gate B5

Passengers are stranded at the airport on Christmas Eve.  All flights have been cancelled because of a snow storm.  Although the passenger’s spirits are low they decide to have a Christmas celebration while they wait out the storm.  Join in the fun as the passengers sing songs by BB King, Whitney Houston...

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Two Thieves for Christmas

It's a week before Christmas.  Two bumbling thieves (dressed up as Santa and an Elf) just committed a crime.  Now they are trying to get away from the scene of the crime.  Fearing they will be spotted by the police, they decide to hide out in a nearby church where the members are preparing to rehearse...

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The coming of baby Jesus to earth

Advent Reading

During the season of Advent, Christians celebrate the coming of the Christ. This is not just a time to commemorate Jesus’ first coming, but a time of preparation for His second coming. This readers theater presentation is split into five separate readings; one reading for each of the four Sundays leading...

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may god bless you all ... I have been learning a lot to go with jesus

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